Mrs. Jill Sosniak

sozMs. Jill Sosniak

Costumer, Theatre Technology IV, Systems, Theatre Crafts

Office:  702-799-7800 x4804


“I am extremely happy to be starting my 15th year of teaching back with Academy Theatre.  I graduated from Southern Oregon University, with an emphasis in Technical Theatre.  I truly believe that college is the beginning of learning, not the ending, and have been constantly taking courses since obtaining my Masters, and looking at starting a second one soon.

Although I loved working in the industry, I found “my calling” when I helped a friend with an inner-city summer program, where I taught theatre to the teenagers enrolled.  Since that summer, I have taught many different theatre disciplines, both in technical theatre and acting, to all age levels.  Additionally, I spent three years here at LVA as a Theatre Manager and in charge of ticketing and box office for the theatre department.  I am also a member of Educational Theatre Association and have been a proud Thespian director to many CCSD schools.

I am looking forward this year to my current courses of Fashion and Makeup as they are allowing me to learn everyday!”



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